Oil and Gas

Himalayan G.R.P. Pipe Industries Pvt Ltd specialises in manufacturing vessels and pipes for the Oil and Gas industry. Fiberglass has emerged as the material of choice for transportation and storage in Oil and Gas industry due to its corrosion-resistant properties. The material also withstands variation of pressure and can be used to transport wide array of acidic, basic or corrosive chemicals.

Recently, Nepal Government laid
out pipeline from India to Amlekhgunj for the supply for petroleum products.
G.R.P Pipeline can be installed across Nepal for the supply and storage of the
petroleum products. Besides that, large G.R.P. Vessels can be used to store the
petroleum products in Depos across country. G.R.P. Composite Products are the
most preferred material in OPEC Countries and other petroleum rich countries
for the Petroleum Supply Line.