G.R.P. Poles are used for lighting as well as energy distribution purposes. Light weight, High S:W ratio and corrosion-resistant nature has enhanced the applicability of the GRP poles in major sectors including lighting and energy transmission. Fibropoles can be used as Solar Street Lightening purpose and also as Electric Street Lighting Purpose mainly used in highways, mains road, residential streets, sports field as high mast poles, decorative lightening, post-top lightening, perimeter security, parks and gardens.
FeaturesGRP/FRP PolesMetal Poles
CorrosionNon CorrosiveHighly Corrosive
EarthingNot RequiredRequired
LifeVery LongModerate
MaintenanceMaintenance FreeVery High Maintenance
WeightVery Light WeightVery Heavy
ColoursColor Pigmentation (UV Resistant)Hand Coating from outside
PaintingNot RequiredFrequent Painting Required
Mounting Foundation required / OptionalConcrete Foundation Compulsory
Transportation CostVery LessVery High
Installation CostVery LessVery High
Electrical ConductivityElectrical insulator, Shock ProofConductive


Fiberglass reinforced piping systems are time tested because they have proven their durability and value in stony environments and brutal applications for decades.

Highway Lighting

HGRP Poles have been installed in various highways for lighting purposes. The light weight and easy installation make it a most preferred material for Lighting Poles.

Electricity Transmission

HGRP Poles are light in weight, corrosion-resistant and exhibit better strength due to which the Poles are used for electricity transmission in difficult and hazardous terrain.

Park and Pedestrian Lighting

HGRP manufactures wide range of decorative light Poles which are most suitable for Park lights and Pedestrian lights due to its aesthetic value. The G.R.P. Pole can be designed to adjust the lighting arrangement.

Chemical Pipelines

HGRP Poles can be of various lengths and diameter. The poles can be easily installed for high mast lighting and offers better physical and chemical properties in comparison to traditional mast poles.